What does the future of travel look like post a world pandemic, where the globe literally shut down and is slowly but surely awakening to a new world

As a storyteller I tend to go off the beaten track to find the authentic tales of culture and people. Lately I have had a lot of time to think and have been wondering if my wandering has added to the demise of tourism as we know it.

Travelling far and wide to capture the story I always tried to avoid bustling tourism attractions, due to the mass of people that flock there -think cruise ships in Venice.

Watching the virus crisis unfold and beloved industries such as tourism and hospitality crash made my heart break, but I also believe through heart ache comes great opportunity and reinvention.

So what does the new traveller look like, do they look closer to home are they more grounded and in search of real organic experiences. Regional tourism is set to get the much needed boost from the domestic and well heeled traveller that is grounded.

Imagine when our front doors are flung back open to the globe, where we can jump in our cars and take a long road trip. That starts with a 50km radius of exploration that will slowly take us further down roads less travelled.

When I wasn’t pitching an elusive trip to Mexico and Italy last year I managed to seek out the odd staycay. Living between Byron Bay and Brisbane I would often jump in the car and head to the mountains for a rainforest retreat or the Brisbane for a city buzz.

We live in an idyllic part of the world and roaming at home is a gift, from the Border Ranges to the Pacific Ocean. Its time to explore the states and territories of our vast Australian land a blessing in disguise, a boost for the economy and maybe we will start to learn more about our indigenous forebaears.

Afterall we seek these experiences when we travel to foreign lands, so why not in our backyard first.

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