This International Womens Day I pay homage to women from across the globe that have forged remarkable careers and have inspired me throughout my working and personal life.

Some of these women I have known for over 2 decades, others have crossed my path recently- all have a remarkable story.

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Ere Perez

Ere Perez is one of my oldest and dearest friends and is an ambassador for ethical and sustainable business practices. Ere is the owner and creative mind behind global brand Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics & Skincare.

A dream of creating the purest of pure cosmetics saw Ere research and develop her first product- Sweet Almond Oil Mascara over fifteen years ago. Fast Forward and the Australian owned and Mexican made brand has a full range of vegan cosmetics and recently launched natural skincare.

From humble beginnings Ere worked tirelessly to find the purest ingredients to develop her unique range, as well as surrounding herself with her tribe of employees who share her vision and husband Juan who is head of the company.

Ere has always been an authentic, real friend and we often say we are family-her integrity and care for life are infectious. I salute Ere Perez and her quest for a cleaner, brighter, future together.

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Kristina Karlsson

Kristina Karlsson is the owner and Creative Director behind Kikki K, an Australian owned and Swedish inspired stationary brand that has changed the way we see and use office supplies.

I first met Kristina in Melbourne in the mid 90’s as the partner of an old friend of mine, she spoke of her love of all things travel and stationery. Her dream of developing stylish, practical stationery for all to enjoy quickly become a reality as she developed the brand Kikki K.

The passion and drive I observed in Kristina decades ago is a true testament to her commitment of her dreams as she forges one of the most successful retail brands this century.

Furthermore Kristina has become a voice and inspiration for dreamers all over the world with her podcast and books that intend to get 101 Million people to write down 3 dreams and realise them- she’s well on her way to achieving this.

Today I pay homage to Kristina’s hard work, creative spirt and kindness to connect the world.

Fiona Connelly

Fiona Connelly is a gracious, strong and energetic woman, who has worked at the top of media organisations such as Bauer Media for the majority of her career.

As a mother of 2 gorgeous boys, Fiona has juggled her heavy work load with motherhood and remained a steadfast and inspiring friend at all times.

I first met Fiona a couple of years ago as she began dating one of my dearest friends and mentors. A powerhouse for women in the work force and more importantly women in media as Editor for Womens Day and several other publications.

Fiona has a unique talent to take the demands of her fast paced life in her stride, no problem is too big or small and she does it all with a smile. Along with mentoring younger women coming up in the ranks, Fiona is a team player and is always the first person to back other women to fulfil their dreams.

I am blessed to call Fiona a friend and mentor.

Kim Krane

Kim Crane eats, sleeps and dreams sport, as a renowned sportswoman and leader in Australian sport this is one woman who has worked her way to the top of the ladder.

Kim is a dear friend of mine and I watch on in admiration as she leads the Australian surf team to their first Olympics in Tokyo later on in the year.

As a mentor to many, from friends to business people to young athletes-Kim takes the time to listen and learn from others and strives to get the best out of everyone including herself.

Kim played at the highest level in hockey for Australia and then began working at the AIS which followed her appointment by Surfing Australia to lead the quest for the Australian Surfing Team at the Tokyo Olympics.

It’s a true honour to be a part of Kims circle of friends, watching in admiration as she becomes a leader in sport across the globe.