Roaming at home (literally) has got me all loved up for local produce, foodies and distillers. Working in the tourism industry as a travel writer and podcaster I’m feeling grounded, like in a no planes type of way grounded.

The upside is we get to send ( & spend) all our love to local legends from the Tweed to Byron-a whole lot of good vibes gets you a package delivered to your door daily.

Here’s my list of paddock to pantry items that have made their way from my desktop order to my door.


The most sumptous sourdough crumpets from across the land, made fresh daily they are fluffy, tasty and a must have for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Added bonus you get a delicious tub of curd, choose from either the lemon myrtle or passionfruit variety- lots of local goodness delivered in an eco-friendly cute box to you door.


Local catering co The Spanish cook up traditional paella daily from their Cudgen abode. Authentic fresh paella there’s a chicken and chorizo, seafood or vegetarian option.

Delivered to your door by Chef Pepe with a tasty bottle of his finest homemade sangria-ordering is made easy via their website or phone Pepe. Presto its at your door ready for dinner, add a lemon wedge and fresh parsley for that extra zing.


The guys and gals at the social are artists creating a different array of sweets, breads and pastries daily. Good news is they are now delivering their finest to your door.

Choose from a daily sourdough, banging baguette, chocolate croissants and the most delicious spiced hot buns.

Orders by email or phone 48 hours prior and the Bread Social delivery van will pull up in your driveway.


The good folk at Tropical Fruit World have rejigged their once thriving tourism business to service the locals, delivering farm fresh fruit to your door.

There’s a tropical fruit box or a box of avaocadoes and you can add their home made condiments to each order, like honey or lemon myrtle dressing.

Each box is delivered and made with love, there’s often a fresh flower or native from the garden thrown in for good creative measure.

Order through the website or pick up the phone- hot tip the lively crew at TFW love a chat.


Local favs PLB who own and operate Taverna, Osteria, Lolitas, Baked and Bombay Cricketers Club (yes they have that many amazing places) are now delivering all of the above plus more.

Kicking off with a PLB@Home box that has partnered with local producers to give you a box full of fresh bread, milk, eggs, fruit and tasty sausage rolls and pies if you so desire.

All of their eateries are now online and available for delivery or pick up-my pick Bombay on a Thursday and Lolitas on a Friday- go from Sri Lanka to Mexico.


This vino boutique has been a favourite of mine for over a decade and now they are offering free delivery to locals- the upside of a pandemic.

Inspired by European traditional agriculture wines, Emmanuel knows how to pick the best and most affordable vino from across the globe- his French heritage gives him the edge.

There’s also an array of boutique Australian and natural wines to choose from and its a one stop shop for french cheese, local produce and some of the best honey around by local producer Meile Doro. Keep an eye out for the stylish windows that are dressed seasonly to impress.

*There’s an abundance of food and beverages available in the Northern Rivers, spoilt for choice its time to get behind them as they reinvent themselves from front facing customers to on-line digital delivery to the people.

We will come out the other side from this viscous pandemic but it will take patience, resilience and above all love as we enter a new world of collective consciousness- take care, keep smiling