When I hear the name Bargara mentioned more than twice in a month, I know I have to explore this hidden gem and head to a region I’ve never been before.

Heading north from Brisbane to Bundaberg in just over 4 hours we bypass the town centre to return on another day and take the Bargara sign to the coast.

There’s rolling cane fields and landscape gardens for days. The plateau reminds me of the volcanic soil pastures of the Northern Rivers but with a Queensland tropic climate the Bundaberg region has a unique terroir.

Bargara is one of those east coast gems, quintessential country charm with a modern edge. The town has gone through a season of changes since the pandemic, ‘uncovered’ as the locals attest.

There’s a plethora of nomads to found in the Big 4 caravan park ideally located at the Northern end of town-opposite the main and next to the turtle marshes that house the Mon Repo conservation park.

On a mission to find dog friendly accomodation we opt for a beachfront cabin at Big 4, ideal for our small canine in tow. Early mornings to catch the

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