Once known as the industrial arm to Sydneys CBD, Alexandria has been growing up for some time and has become hip to the warehouse square. From the modern grocer to the happening neighbourhood deli and there’s a plethora of international cuisine to tempt your tastebuds.

Dotted amongst the leafy garden suburb you will find the warehouse of many a designer- Alexandria has always been known as a place to shop for that seconds bargain.

There’s a lot more to this outer city suburb than meets the eye with the advent of many an urban high rise and open garden space like The Grounds. The Grounds is a multifunctional precinct full of farm fresh food, quirky venues and restaurants- its a family wonderland.

Packed to the brim on the weekends The Grounds is an interactive space that changes with the season, they have a deal going with Disney to pop up themed promotions alongside movie releases- think Rocket Man and Frozen.

Spaces like The Grounds are an example of how to activate derelict buildings and in-turn landmark the area, real place makers. Next door to The Grounds is a contemporary new concept hotel Kafnu, purpose built for the overflow of travellers from the airport and wedding guest from The Grounds.

Kafnu is changing the way we view hotels and is more of a lifestyle precinct than a hotel, a collaborative working space that is membership based. From the freelance travel writer to the corporate conference goer Kafnu is home to many a creative worker. Thinking outside the hotel box with a podcast room, private phone booths, a 3D gym and a knock off gin bar.

Uncovering the gems in and around Alexandria is best done by foot, we stumbled upon a pearler of a Lebanese restaurant Alaseel, an award winning eatery that has tongues wagging all over Sydney town. Friendly staff, stylish decor and authentic middle eastern cuisine-the place to be as night is falling.

Alexandria is walking distance to the city (albeit a 45 minute stroll) where you pass through Redfern and Surrey Hills along the way. Real Estate is prime as many a city and Eastern Suburb dweller move in. This is a suburb on the move in a good way and is a melting pot for culture, art and food- with a splash of nature thrown in for good measure.

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